One of the most exciting elements of the @bahrain project, Lifestyle will comprise of three distinct spaces:1) 'The Hub'beingenveloped by the Exhibition and Convention space 2) 'The Plaza' providing a dramatic outside circulation and event space, and 3) 'The Village'due to be delivered in future phases. Collectively they will form the fluid heart of the overall @bahrain experience, offering inexpensive of cafes, restaurants, retail outlets, cinemas, bowling and emerging technology-based entertainment (TechTainment).
Set to come online in Phase 1, The Hub and The Plaza will form a significant part of the visitors 'arrival experience' to @bahrain.Covering8,172m2 of retail, food and beverage space it will deliver an extensive variety for its visitors. These two Lifestyle locations will conveniently connect to the Exhibition and Convention Centre via suitably shaded streets that offer an additional 6,000m2of contemporary plaza space.
The Village,due for delivery in future phases, will also become a stylish entertainment, leisure and retail destination. This will be inclusive of the local and regional community, consisting ofa46,873 m2areaand centredon a small-scalesquare, offering a shaded, relaxedstreet-likeatmosphere.
@bahrain'sapproach to Lifestyle allows these charismatic streets, cooled by shading and thermal convection,to give the impression of inside space, outside. This will ensure visitors can enjoy a high-quality leisure and retail experience year round in comfort, despite Bahrain's arid and humid weather.
Entertainment and Leisure will be shaped though various facilities including bowling, cinemas and emerging technology-based entertainment (TechTainment). These captivating spaces will house high quality entertainment and leisure activities appealing to a wide range of age groups and interests.