A number of land parcels have been identified for future development in line with the philosophies of @bahrain and in direct response to the needs of the market.
Business Park
Business Park @bahrain will provide phased purpose-built office space. The Business Park will include a mini-IT hub providing tenants with the opportunity to outsource and provide offshore and offsite IT services to the site. In particular, the Business Park will provide a superior environment for technology enablement and services, and will build on a world class IT and telecommunications infrastructure. International and regional IT players will be invited to locate their regional (Middle East) support and distribution networks to the @bahrain site. A few selected high-profile tenants will be the springboard for attracting additional technology-related players to locate their service centres on site.
Auto Club, Museum and Engineering Facility (club343)
The Bahrain International Circuit (BIC) provides an ideal setting for an automotive centre targeted to the passions and needs of collectors, owners and users of ultra-luxury performance cars. Club343@bahrain will provide a flexible space to incorporate an auto club, engineering facilities, automotive museum, and event space for classic/ rare car auctions etc.
Research & Knowledge
As part of @bahrain's mission to support the Kingdom of Bahrain's vision of increasing the knowledge based economy within Bahrain,it has commenced efforts to establish educational and research based businesses on the project that complement each other, whilst adding to the education, learning and development of the local community.
CleanTech Industry
cleantech@bahrain will focus on attracting companies that fit the overall @bahrain brand philosophy. @bahrain will focus on the creation of purpose-built infrastructure and facilities for niche light assembly or clean energy light manufacturing or commercial activity.In addition, they will likely use a moderate quantum of partially processed materials to produce items of relatively high per unit value generated through smart and knowledge intensive production processes.
Multi-Purpose Events Venue
The Venue is a flexible, multi-purpose, indoor venue, which provides a compelling space for world-class events throughout the year. The adaptable set-ups give the Venue the ability and flexibility to attract and host diverse events such as:Live shows, concerts, Theatre productions or other leisure events, or even to act as a dedicated Convention Centre to enhance and complement the Exhibition Centre.