Business Friendly Bahrain

The Kingdom of Bahrain is a unique destination located in the heart of the Middle East. Along with a stable economic climate and competitive costs, you will find a highly business friendly culture that welcomes foreign investment.

One visit to our cosmopolitan destination will explain why. come and experience first-hand Bahrain's warm hospitality, innovation-driven growth, welcoming accommodation rugged beauty & charm, great lifestyle and low cost of living.

The decisions of respected international companies to select our Kingdom for their base in the Middle East are reqarding our initiatives. Steadily rising investment and our ascent in the global ranking of open ascent in the global ranking of open markets, demonstrate our success.

With the Middle East's economies set to grow, we believe Bahrain's proposition is unique and the most business friendly.


Location:                   Middle East

Capital City:              Manama

Total Land:                770 SQ KM

Winter:                      AVG 20°C (68° F)
Total Land:               AVG 40°C (104° F)

Time Zone:               GMT +3 (Winter)
                                    GMT +2 (Summer)

Population:               1,039,297

Languages:             Arabic (Official)
                                   English (Business)

Electricity:               240 Volts (Type G Plug)